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Jessica and Amanda- World's Gym 06-13More and more women are focusing on abdominals in the gym. In the past abs were only for men but guess what ladies? They look amazing on women as well! Abs make your core rock solid and cinches in that waist to achieve a nice hourglass figure. Many may think that they will never reach their goal and get the tummy of their dreams but it is very possible. All that is required is proper nutrition, dedication and some effort in the gym. Here is how to achieve those defined abs you always wanted.


Before you start working hard in the gym, nutrition plays a key role in getting the abs you want. If you are not feeding your body with the right foods defining your core is practically impossible. First and foremost you need to say goodbye to saturated fats and processed foods. In order to allow the abdominals to be visible belly fat has to be reduced. Unhealthy foods only result in excess body fat. Aside from that you need protein. Chances are you have heard about protein related to building muscle but have no idea why it is so important. Lean proteins such as fish and chicken feed muscles and helps them to build and recover after a workout. In addition protein to, add more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Your meals should be bright and colorful. As for carbs. stick with the unrefined carbohydrates such as whole wheat bread and the highly recommended quinoa.


Aside from eating right, in order to get the abs you want cardio is crucial. As previously mentioned you need less fat in your midsection in order for the abdominal muscles to be visible. Cardiovascular exercise is a huge fat burner. Anything from swimming to cycling can be done in order to flatten the tummy and prepare it for the abs that will soon be making their debut.

Build and Strengthen

Along with cardio, when designing your exercise routine you have to train the abdominals and strengthen your entire body. This means performing workouts that help to build the abs and strengthen your core along with some basic weight training to build muscle to replace the fat that has been lost.. It is suggested that you work your abs for 30 minutes for 3 non consecutive days per week and perform at least five different exercises within that 30 minutes. The reason for this is the fact that the lower abs, upper abs and obliques have to be engaged and targeted. A few suggestions aside from traditional crunches include leg lifts, planks and side crunches.

If you follow the tips above you will build the abs you want in no time. When you start noticing progress it will make motivate you and make you want to work even harder at the gym.